Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Day in the LIFE......

Ok, so my blog name speaks for itself, so I figured why not whine about my daily schedule:

5:30am - Alarm goes off, click volume button for 5 more minutes

5:40am - Ok, so I lied, clicked it twice for 10 more minutes, realize I have to get up in order not to be stuck in traffic

5:45am - Enter shower, turn it on. Toddler BUSTS out of his room, BUSTS into the bathroom, sits himself on a stool and drinks his sippy cup

6:00am - Finish showering, open curtain, clean up unrolled toilet paper courtesy of toddler

6:10am - I am dressed

6:30am - Toddler is half dressed because dressing him is like trying to catch a chicken, toddler screams and cries but finally submits to his demise of the clothes he hates (now its shorts, he hates the shorts, he says I NO LIKE IT!!!!!!, tries to pull them down, this is great, let me tell you.)

6:40am - Making my checks: his sippy cups for daycare, made sure I left lunch for the grown man a.k.a my 6 year old, make sure daddy has his keys and wallet because he is just wonderful about leaving those things ANYWHERE.................and then this happens: OH LOOK TODDLER WENT POOPY!!!!!!!!!!

6:50am - In the car - on my way to drop toddler off and to work.....any one of these events occur during the ride:
  • toddler sings, is happy and merry (happens like once a month)....
  • toddler drops his sippy cup 50 times and cries every single time, asks mommy to get it, doesn't get the concept of driving, flips out some more and throws up....
  • toddler attempts to take off every article of clothing and cannot, so he flips out and throws up.....
  • THE SUN IS IN HIS EYES!!!!!!! GOD FORBID!!!!!! you already know what happens next.....FUN FUN FUN!
7:45am - Toddler usually has no problems being dropped off after mommy looks like she's about to get all mommy dearest on him

8:00am - Got my coffee, ready to start my work day

10:00am - Ok, I finished checking out my fb, cm and all that, NOW I AM READY!

4:00pm - Picking up toddler, he doesn't want to leave, he doesn't want to be put back in the car seat, he wants to run in the parking lot alone, he wants french fries, he wants daddy, he wants Angel, he wants his dropped sippy cup, he can't have any of those things.....

5:00pm - We get home, grown man is there and wants to know whats for dinner, toddler is screaming I'M HUNGRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Between Dinner and Bedtime- Kids fights yell, scream, watch TV:  rinse and repeat - daddy is not fazed by this, mommy wants a xanex

8:00pm - Mommy needs a drink......throw the kids in the bath and put them to bed. Grown man comes out of room about 2 times because...well, he doesn't exactly know why, he just felt like it!

8:15pm - Mommy decided to make life easier and start graduate school online after kids go to bed.........................................................................................................................!!!!!!!!!!!

1:00am - WAAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH MORE MILK MOMMY MORE MILK!!!!!!!!! - mommy wishes she drank because she sure does feel drunk when woken up from sleep for some freakin milk!

Various Times Throughout the Night, usually about 3 now - WAAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAH MY BLANKET FIX IT MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:30am - Alarm goes off...................

oh and here is a picture for good measure....please notice the toddler in his natural state:



  2. ok I literally am re-typing what I just wrote 2 minutes ago! I HATE REPEATING MYSELF!!!! Freaking computer took me around the globe just to post! Anyhow, OMG I laughed the ENTIRE post!! I know its not funny while it's happening but it sure is funny to read! I tell you that Isaiah is gonna be your BEST child! Watch and see! I can only imagine how he is crying for every little thing. LOL LOL I'm glad you're blogging. It'll keep you from going insane on the A** (mommy dearest) LMAO! oh boy keep the blogs coming. I'm reading and now that I have my acct set up I can post! Oh shit, gotta go Moriahs screaming! ahhhhhh

    1. LOl thanks so much Rachel! He is gonna be SOMETHING idk what yet and ima have to post more in order to keep me from high tailing him lol

  3. Adore this post because I can relate to it! My favorite parts: the drive to school when said toddler drops the sippy cup and complains abou the sun being in his eyes! Yep, that's me. Me all the way. Mind sharing your Xanex?


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