Thursday, April 4, 2013

YAY! Welcoming myself....

Hey everyone! I figured I would give this blog thing a shot, so here I am! I can't promise this is going to be the most AMAZING blog ever, but I can promise: honesty, comedy and strange things I personally think everyone should know :) 

A little about myself:

I am a 29 (almost 30 waaahhh) year old mother of 2 handsome boys/monkeys (ages 2 & 6) and a loving yet spastic girlfriend (he needs to change that) to their daddy. 

I work full time (that's M-F dawn til dusk folks) and when I'm not guessed it, I am being....are you ready for it....A MOTHER! Yes, that's right! Mommy doesn't go out, mommy doesn't take a break because if I don't do it.....there's always a babysitter :)

What can you expect from this page:
Well I am going to complain about my children, complain about their daddy, complain about my job and complain about recipes that didn't go right. I might mix some happy shit in there, so don't worry, no depression inducing posts here! (well, maybe some!)

I hope you enjoy and share with your friends, they could be looking for someone who can relate to them like I can!


  1. Looking forward to future posting ::muah::

  2. This is the one I tried commenting on then my phone froze! Best of luck to you! These blogs are helpful to you but they also are helpful to others who are going through similiar whoas!!! My prayer is that these blogs fall into the right hands...can we say Author of a book anyone???? Love you!

    1. LOVE YOU SO MUCH! thank you thank you! I think i have hit my mark on this blog idea! Let's hope so sis!


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