Friday, May 10, 2013


Welcome to Take One of May’s Secret Subject Swaps! This week, 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and we were assigned a secret subject to interpret in our own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

My subject is:

You were given an opportunity to write a short comedic story about your life:
     What is the title? 
     What's the first 5 sentences of the story?  

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Here goes: 


I couldn't just pick one funny event in my life, there have been so many and its hard to pick just one. Of course when everything is happening to you in the moment, its not so funny. But when you look back, you laugh.....HARD! 
I can go as far back as being 3 years old and my sister spinning me around and dislocating my shoulder. I don't remember how I felt, but she often laughs about that moment! I honestly could write a whole blog about my sister's and I's eventful sibling fights. Thank God she is shorter then me now and I am super intimidating <3
My friends from elementary recently reminded me of how I ran to their door crying because biggie had died....I mean he was an icon! 
Or how about the time I wasn't feeling so well and my mom's boyfriend wanted to make me a cup of tea and it was "peppermint" flavored. Come to find out, he gave me dieter's tea and know the rest. 
There was also that moment where one morning, around my college years, I couldn't feel my arm. I called my family screaming bloody murder and made them meet me at the ER. Come to find out, my arm was asleep and just needed to wake up. Insurance is a wonderful thing. 
Apparently, I was a chicken in college. I had left some food on the floor or something and had a trail of ants leading into my room. I cried and called my mom, she came and exterminated them. I love my mom.
I also have been known to trip UP the stairs and sprain my ankle a couple of times...tripping is funny.
Let's fast forward to having children, which is just funny in itself (amiright?) 
Well, thats the conclusion. Sorry if it bored you, but I really was working on this for weeks and couldn't come up with real funny moments in my life. I am sure my friends and family can indulge you with way more. They seem to think things I do, my ER visits and my cursing children are funny as hell, so ASK THEM :)

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  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning. And don't worry, I was laughing WITH you not at you!

  2. I love it!! Just imagine the rest of the story lol.

  3. I want you to finish the story about the diet tea! From one girl who has fallen up the stairs to another, those moments are always funny (about a week later). :)

  4. Yes, inquiring minds want to hear all about the dieter's tea! ;-)

    Weird stuff happens to me every day, I don't think I would have ANY problem writing any comedy about my life! No wonder I blog so much.

  5. Oh boy..."dieter's tea." Me finding humor in that which is hyper-literal, I call it "poop tea." In fact, I now have my whole family and half the state of Florida calling it that.

    And, is there anything funnier than a cuss word said in the munchkin voice of a child? I think not.

  6. My guess is - based on this post - your life is hella funny and you just don't realize it. Maybe someone is secretly taping every move you make, that's why all the crazy stuff happens. hmm...


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