Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daily Mantra

 I haven't had many ideas lately and I didn't want to bore you with the same ol' my toddler is crazy, my 6 year old is really 21 years old and why do the clothes end up right on the floor NEXT to the hamper instead of in it, type of posts.

The other night, I was watching an episode of the best/worst show ever, WIFE SWAP. I mean lets be honest, this show makes me feel like the best wife/mother ever and my house suddenly feels clean and like I actually have some sanity left.

So...This lady made money off of selling her book full of self-affirmations. Of course, she was a lunatic and everything that came out of her mouth sounded like an infomercial (my sister loves those). But then, I thought, hey that doesn't sound so bad. I mean, I can't manifest money (which is what she suggested) or happiness into my life, because, well, you just don't THINK and things just magically appear. Yes, you can think positive and maybe some positive things might happen. But we have to WORK and be HAPPY with ourselves so that the positivity flows nicely :)

I can, however, say things to myself (and you can to) to possibly prevent you from murdering someone, someday! I KID I KID! Anyways, here are some i thought that might help me out with some issues:

I WILL CHECK ON MY CHILDREN, I WILL CHECK ON MY CHILDREN! (this happens when they are silent and Mommy just wants 5 minutes of peace...WE ALL HAVE BEEN THERE!)

I WON'T CURSE SOMEONE OUT, I WON'T CURSE SOMEONE OUT! (my job, enough said..I am pretty sure whatever your job is...you have those days)

DON'T DELETE, DON'T DELETE, I WILL NOT DELETE! (on Facebook, we all have those "friends" or "family members" that make you want to push that shiny delete button but the daily drama prevents you from doing so....just hide them people...just hide them)

I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM, YES I LOVE HIM! (now ladies, one word "men"....it takes a whole lot of patience and about 3 glasses of wine to deal with them. I know!!!!! As mentioned above, the clothes just magically appear next to the hamper. The glass of juice, has just enough in it so that when he leaves it laying around a nice, well-behaved toddler can swipe it right off of the coffee table onto the beige rug. They hammer a nail in the wall and their job is accomplished, while you cook and clean the half drunk cups and clothes off of the floor. They complain that women complain a lot, but one hour with the children and they are begging you for mercy. Leaving the refrigerator open, clipping their toenails and breathing. I could go on, but you feel me and you are looking at the wine right now!)

As I continue my day I am sure I can think of more mantras....Whats yours?